[DAS2] approval and maintenance of DAS/2 URI namespaces

Garret Wilson garret at globalmentor.com
Thu Mar 6 22:12:49 UTC 2008


Chris Mungall wrote:
>> This issue harkens back to the URL-vs-URN-as-URI debate and whether URIs
>> should be opaque, for example:
>> http://rest.blueoxen.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?RestAndUriOpacity
> The debate has been raging on and off on various semantic web mail 
> lists over the years as well. Particularly the public-semweb-lifesci list

Yes, I've watched those debates as well. But that's a debate that has 
nothing to do with the issue I raised here.

>> DAS has been designed with RESTful principles, so the abstractness
>> requirement of the global seq IDs may seem unexpected.
> The consensus within the URL camp is that URLs should resolvable.

I've even participated in this debate, arguing with a Nokia 
representative in the RDF community over whether HTTP URLs should be 
used for non-retrievable resources. But that's also completely ancillary 
to the point I raised.

The point I raise here has to do with the legitimacy of using URIs in 
namespaces managed by third parties for a specification meant for global 
interoperability. It has nothing to do with opacity or resolvability of 


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