[DAS2] DAS1 TYPE attribute "category" is what in DAS2?

Andreas Prlic ap3 at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Nov 21 16:26:36 UTC 2006

Hi Andrew,

> DAS1 TYPE elements had an attribute "category".  Here are some
> of the categories listed in DAS1 servers

Currently the DAS/1 types are not used in a consistent way and so far 
have not been used much...
One of the things that is done as part of the BioSapiens project is to 
come up with a more consistent
definition which annotation types to use.

> *Q1*: If there is a DAS1 "category" should I use it to make a DAS2
> "title"?
> Gregg's viewer merges types into a single track based on the title, so
> I that feels correct to me.

in DAS/1 the annotation types are used to merge features into a single 
therefore I think the das/1 type would be the equivalent to das/2- 
title then.

> *Q2*: If the title is not given, should I use the DAS1 "id" as the DAS2
> "title"?

it think that is correct.

> *Q3*: If there's no DAS1 "description" extension to use for DAS2's
> "description"
> should I copy DAS1's "title" instead (which in turn might come from the
> "category" and/or the "id" fields).  My feeling is no, that is not
> appropriate.

err - which DAS/2 request do you talk about ? still about types?

> *Q4*:  I fake an ontology if I can.  Does anyone know examples of
> DAS1 extensions with to support ontologies other than TMHMM, which has

So far this is not used in a consistent way ... BioSapiens will come up 
with a convention,
but it is still work in progress...



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