[DAS2] Progress on XML Schema version of DAS/2.0

Helt,Gregg Gregg_Helt at affymetrix.com
Sat Nov 11 11:11:31 UTC 2006

I've checked in an XML-Schema translation of the das2_schemas.rnc doc in
the biodas CVS repository as das2_schemas.xsd
.xsd?rev=HEAD&cvsroot=biodas).  I still have some concerns about how it
will handle non-DAS extensions, and I also need to add back in some of
the comments from the rnc doc.  But I have tested that I can generate
Java bindings from the XSD using Apache XMLBeans.  To get that to work I
also had to remove use of "xml:id" for now, it was causing XMLBeans to
throw errors.


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> I'm working on an XML Schema version of the DAS/2.0 schema.  I used
> Trang schema tool to automatically convert the RelaxNG schema to an
> doc.  This has provided a good skeleton to start with, but it looks
> there are a number of issues I'll have to fix by hand.  There are many
> places where the XSD specifies ordered sequences of elements where
> shouldn't be any ordering restrictions.  Also the way Trang translated
> the idea of non-DAS extensions is messy.  And a lot of comments got
> in translation.  None of these issues look too problematic.  I expect
> more problems will come up, but I am making progress.
>             Gregg
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