[DAS2] sources.rnc

Andrew Dalke dalke at dalkescientific.com
Thu Nov 9 01:01:08 UTC 2006

> It might be good to have a link to the DAS - registry in general 
> somewhere in the sources.rnc
> It now has its own domain at http://www.dasregistry.org/

Yes.  I had forgotten its name last night.

> so the sources command is available via:
> http://www.dasregistry.org/registry/das1/sources

Any chance of making that URL shorter?  It seems long.  And it
no longer includes das1 sources.

Also, I can't find anywhere on the HTML which points to that
sources document.  How does someone find it?  Without doing like
I did and look in the back mailing list archive.  ;)

> can you also add
> das1:stylesheet
> das1:sequence
> das1:dna
> das1:entry_points
> das1:structure
> das1:alignment
> which are supported by the registry?
> das1:segments is not being used currently, so this could be removed.

Ahh, had gotten the terminology mixed up.

All added.

>> I've updated that to
>>    # For a full list of the "authority" and "source" values see
>>    #    http://das.sanger.ac.uk/registry/help_coordsys.jsp
> can you change that to
> http://www.dasregistry.org/registry/help_coordsys.jsp
> please?


All the above checked in.

					dalke at dalkescientific.com

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