[DAS2] Comments on features.rnc

Ed enwired at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 20:53:14 UTC 2006

Here are my comments on the features.rnc document.

** Fix these comments:  Yes, feature style can either partially or fully
** override the feature-type style.  (Clients are free to ignore the style,

# how to represent the feature; overrides the STYLE in the
# feature type (but how?  completely? or can this override
# the fgcolor but not the other settings?)

** Remove this comment

# XXX Need use-cases for this
# I think clients should just figure it out from the location
region = element REGION {

** I would very much like the xid to have an optional "name" attribute.
** (The client may have more than one URL link for each feature and it needs
** to be easy for the user to tell them apart.)

** Less important, I would like optionally more than one xid per feature.
** (If you are waiting until someone needs it, well, I am ready for it!)

# Some human-readable external link.
# XXX This needs some way to describe the kind of link
#  (primary id, accession), and other information (eg,
#  "promotes", "false positive".
# Fixing this will wait until someone needs it.
xid = element XID {
 attribute href { text }

** No, this does not need anything else
** But, optionally, it might be possible to have more than one note.

# Does this element need anything else?
note = element NOTE {

Ed Erwin

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