[DAS2] TYPE[@source] -> TYPE[@method]

Helt,Gregg Gregg_Helt at affymetrix.com
Mon Nov 6 15:58:40 UTC 2006

I agree that multiple uses of "source" makes it confusing, and that for
types "method" is a reasonable alternative.  On a related note, do we
really need both "title" and "source/method" attributes for types?  Both
are optional and supposed to be short human-readable strings describing
the type.  For a longer description we also have the optional
"description" element.


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> I would like to change the existing TYPE attribute of "source"
> and have it use a different attribute name.  Its meaning conflicts
> with the other uses of "source" in DAS2.
> The best alternative is "method" because (I believe) it is  supposed
> to store the same information as the corresponding DAS1 TYPE
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