[DAS2] das.biopackages.net Updated to Spec 300

Brian O'Connor boconnor at ucla.edu
Fri Mar 17 23:23:09 UTC 2006


So I checked in my changes to the DAS/2 server which should bring it up 
to the 300 spec.  Allen updated the das.biopackages.net server and I 
tested the following URLs in Andrew's validation app.  They all appear 
to be OK:

* http://das.biopackages.net/das/genome
* http://das.biopackages.net/das/genome/yeast
* http://das.biopackages.net/das/genome/human
* http://das.biopackages.net/das/genome/yeast/S228C
* http://das.biopackages.net/das/genome/human/17
* http://das.biopackages.net/das/genome/yeast/S228C/segment
* http://das.biopackages.net/das/genome/human/17/segment
* http://das.biopackages.net/das/genome/yeast/S228C/type
* http://das.biopackages.net/das/genome/human/17/type

Let Allen or I know if you run into problems.


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