[DAS2] New affymetrix das/2 development server

Helt,Gregg Gregg_Helt at affymetrix.com
Fri Mar 17 08:22:12 UTC 2006

I checked in a new version of the Affymetrix DAS/2 server this evening
that supports XML responses based on the latest DAS/2 spec, version 300.
For sample sources, segments, types, and features responses it passes
the Dasypus validator tests.  The validator was _very_ useful for
bringing the server up to the current spec!  Steve rolled the new
version out on our public test server, the root sources query URL is  In the latest version
of IGB checked into CVS, this server can be accessed as "Affy-temp" in
the list of DAS/2 servers.

Although the server's XML responses conform to spec v.300, the query
strings it recognizes still only conform to a subset of spec v.200.  I
expect to have the queries upgraded to v.300 tonight.  But it will
probably still only support a subset of the query filters: one type
(required), one overlaps (required), one inside (optional).

This server also supports bed, psl, and some binary formats as
alternative content formats, depending on the type of the annotations.


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> Gregg's latest spec-compliant, but still development-grade, das/2
> is
> now publically available via
> It's currently serving annotations from the following assemblies:
> - human hg16
> - human hg17
> - drosophila dm2
> Send me requests for any other data sources that would help your
> development
> efforts.
> Example query to get back a das-source xml document:
> It's compliance with the spec is steadily improving, on a daily if not
> hourly basis during the code sprint.
> Within IGB you can access this server from the DAS/2 servers tab
> under 'Affy-temp'.
> You'll need the latest version of IGB from the CVS repository at
> http://sf.net/projects/genoviz
> Steve
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