[DAS2] Shouldn't prefix be /das2?

Andreas Prlic ap3 at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Mar 15 15:34:06 UTC 2006

> genome.cbs.dtu.dk:9000/das/tmhmm/
> genome.cbs.dtu.dk:9000/das/netoglyc/
> das.ensembl.org/das/ens_sc1_ygpm/
> atgc.lirmm.fr/cgi-bin/das/MethDB/
> smart.embl.de/smart/das/smart/
> supfam.org/SUPERFAMILY/cgi-bin/das/up/
> mips.gsf.de/cgi-bin/proj/biosapiens/das/saccharomyces_cerevisiae/

all these servers match to the DAS 1 spec which says that the second to 
last bit
is "das" and the last bit is the "data source name".
The registry contains a check for that.



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