[DAS2] question on properties

Suzanna Lewis suzi at fruitfly.org
Fri Feb 10 19:48:58 UTC 2006

You probably know the answer to this Andrew.

One of the cases we encountered was unique properties vs cumulative 

For a simplistic (i.e. don't quibble to closely, I'm just trying to 
explain) example pretend that "ssn" and "comment" are both properties.

On the client side the appropriate behavior for these is different if 
the data coming over from the server contains >1 prop element with that 

If the client sees "ssn" twice it winces and then either ignores or 
overwrites with the 2nd value.

If the client sees "comment" twice then it appends the additional 

Question: Is this kind of information included in the spec? Uniqueness 
vs. cumulative


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