[DAS2] Ontologies in DAS/2

Dave Howorth dhoworth at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Wed Feb 8 11:54:54 UTC 2006

Allen Day wrote:
> Why have you chosen to make <id/> a subelement of <term/>?  Is it expected
> that there will be multiple IDs for a given term, and if so is there not a
> primary ID?  having an id attribute is a defacto standard for DOM libs, so
> you can call getElementById().

I'm curious about the DAS use of id attributes, especially given an 
expectation to use getElementById().

DAS has attributes that are URLs - they include the '/' character.

But getElementById() is an HTML or XHTML DOM method I believe.

Both HTML 4 and XHTML require that id attributes be of type ID, I think, 
and the ID type does not permit '/' characters (IDs are Names).

I find it pretty confusing that DAS uses an attribute that is called id 
that isn't an ID. And I'm curious to know if getElementById() works with 
it? Sounds like a sloppy implementation of the DOM. Or did I miss something?

Cheers, Dave

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