[DAS2] We need DAS/2 progress reports for the grant!

Nomi Harris nomi at fruitfly.org
Wed Feb 8 03:27:13 UTC 2006

Dear DAS/2 developers,

I am writing this on behalf of Gregg and the DAS/2 team.  This is so
important I'm actually using capital letters.

As you know, we have submitted a request for renewing the DAS/2 grant.
Our chances of having this renewal approved are iffy, especially since we
are asking for more money than in the original grant and NIH's budget is
very tight right now.

The reviewers are about to read our grant proposal and decide whether to
fund it, and we need to send them a supplementary progress report about
what we've accomplished since we submitted the grant in November.
Describing how much progress we've made towards implementing the DAS/2
protocol in both servers and clients will help make our case that we
deserve more funding to continue this important research.

Gregg has been trying for weeks to find out when this progress report was
due (we had figured we had until the end of February).  Today he
*finally* got through to our scientific review administrator, who said
that we have to send it to them no later than THIS THURSDAY.

Obviously, this is very short notice, so we are asking all of you to very
quickly put together a paragraph (no more!) describing your progress
between Nov 1 and the of the end of this week (i.e., you can project to
what you expect to have completed by Friday).  If you need context, I
have attached a copy of the grant; I will also send some of you
individual notes about what we need from you.

Please send us (the DAS2 mailing list, or, if you're feeling shy, just me
and Gregg) your paragraph in PLAIN TEXT so that I can more easily
assimilate them into a single document.  We plan to work on incorporating
your reports into our progress report tomorrow (Wed), send out a draft
tomorrow night (our time) for you to review, and incorporate any
suggestions into our final version that we'll send off on Thursday.

Sorry for the short notice, and thanks in advance for your help.

      Nomi and Gregg

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