[DAS2] Re: Apollo and DAS/2 priorities

Nomi Harris nomi at fruitfly.org
Thu Feb 2 00:37:44 UTC 2006

On 1 February 2006, Helt,Gregg wrote:
 > That would be great if you could update the biopackages server before
 > the code sprint starts!  Then client implementers will have a server to
 > test with.


On 1 February 2006, Allen Day wrote:
 > That's what I was thinking too, but I was worried about the existing 
 > Genoviz clients "in the wild" having the server suddenly break.

are there really a lot of users (as opposed to das developers) who are
using the biopackages server?

On 1 February 2006, Allen Day wrote:
 > What IM service are we using, and where can we collate all user IDs?  
 > Perhaps it would be better to meet up in an IRC channel.
 > I propose gathering in #codesprint on EFnet.

i need details on this as well.  i've never bothered registering for an
IM service or IRC channel.


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