[DAS2] fyi - jalview

James Procter jimp at compbio.dundee.ac.uk
Mon Dec 11 10:04:52 UTC 2006

Hi All. Just thought I'd step out of the shadows, and say Hi - since 
I've been lurking on the DAS/2 list for a year or so now :)

Ann Loraine wrote:
> www.jalview.org
> Apparentently jalview can talk to DAS servers. It also can run
> multiple alignments on a server and display results in the viewer.
Jalview does DAS/1 annotation retrieval using Andreas's dasobert 
library, and we pick up the XML registry list document from dasregistry.org.

> I just used it for a project and to make figures for a talk. It's very nice!
Any suggestions are very welcome!  We'd like to be able to do a bit more 
than the basic 'visualize features on a sequence' DAS client behaviour, 
and that's why we are watching and learn from you guys!

Jim Procter
J. B. Procter (VAMSAS Project) Barton Bioinformatics Research Group
Phone/Fax:+44(0)1382 388734/345764  http://www.compbio.dundee.ac.uk

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