[DAS2] Notes from DAS/2 code sprint #3, day five, 18 Aug 2006

Steve Chervitz Steve_Chervitz at affymetrix.com
Sat Aug 19 00:21:10 UTC 2006

Andrew wrote:
>> Action items are flagged with '[A]'.
> I see there aren't any.
>> ad: need to mention to lincoln and berkeley folks. specify what the
>> algorithm is to
> I would have added this as an [A].

Yep. The discussion was going fast and furious. Didn't have time to flag
these, as I was trying to follow the discussion and contribute as well.
Here's some actions items to add in retrospect:

[A] Steve will set up an emacs macro for flagging action items easily

[A] Andrew will go through the notes and identify action items


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