[DAS2] Sanger/EBI trip report

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> I talked about some of the disconnect between the DAS/2
> dev folks (all in the US) and the UK folks.  The phone
> conference call is at 8pm UK time and rather little of
> what we talk about gets written up.  When the UK people
> ask questions (cf. James Gilbert's question "Nested features?"
> from Sept. 28, 2005) there's no response.  Similarly,
> the DAS/1 extensions in the UK aren't written down so
> it's hard to know what's useful for DAS/2.  My being in
> Europe for the next few months should help a bit with
> that, and I've always had a wacky schedule anyway so I'll
> be in on the conf. calls (now that I'm back to easily
> available broadband).  But I'm not enough of a domain
> expert to be able to answer or address the scientific
> points.

As Andrew mentioned, I've been hosting a weekly DAS/2 conference call
over here in the US, every Thursday at 12 noon Pacific time.  It'd be
great if Sanger/EBI folk could join in.  Would moving it to 9 AM Pacific
(5 PM UK) help?  And I'll see about getting someone to take notes for
the meetings and posting to the list.

I agree we definitely need to be more active about responding to
questions on the DAS/2 mailing list.  There's plenty to talk about...

	Gregg Helt

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