[DAS2] Bugzilla and dasypus status

Chervitz, Steve Steve_Chervitz at affymetrix.com
Sat May 21 01:11:20 UTC 2005

The das2 mailman account for bugzilla was disabled since, apparently, it
didn't like receiving the messages it's been getting every time someone
posts to the das/2 list:

    List:       DAS2
    Member:     bugzilla-admin-daemon at portal.open-bio.org
    Action:     Subscription disabled.
    Reason:     Excessive or fatal bounces.

I've re-enabled the account and turned off message delivery to this and the
bugzilla-daemon account. So it should be back in action, but I haven't
tested it.

We only need this to be one-way connection: bugzilla sends messages to the
das/2 mailman list, not vice versa.


> From: Andrew Dalke <dalke at dalkescientific.com>
> Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 12:45:24 -0600
> To: DAS/2 <das2 at portal.open-bio.org>
> Subject: [DAS2] Bugzilla and dasypus status
> With Steve's help I've set up Bugzilla so that das2 at portal.open-bio.org
> is the primary owner of all problems.  This means people should be
> able to update the web page and have copies of the changes sent
> to the mailing list.
> Except that it looks there's a minor change that needs to be
> made to Mailman to allow bugzilla-daemon at portal.open-bio.org
> to send email to the list.  I just asked Steve to look at that.
> If anyone needs it, the Bugzilla password for das2 at portal.open-bio.org
> is "das2-password"
> In dasypus I changed the architecture to support different
> formats for a given request, because that was the spec.  (Still
> needed for the features.)  I also worked on code to be able to
> probe the input stream from the server and change things if
> there was a problem.  Eg, last week's version of the server
> (haven't checked things this week) didn't emit proper XML.
> I wanted to be able to patch it and work.  Based on my DAS/1
> experience I know that that's not uncommon.
> In the next week I plan to finish off the support for probing
> and modifying the input stream, and get back to cleaning up
> the spec based on the various changes in the bug db.
> Here are the new bugs entered during the last week.
> 1797 nor P2 All das2 at portal.open-bio.org NEW  don't need compact
> formats for non-feature requests
> 1798 nor P2 All das2 at portal.open-bio.org NEW  add a <FORMAT> subelement
> to <TYPE> for type-specific for...
> 1799 nor P2 All das2 at portal.open-bio.org NEW  server should put server
> type & version in the HTTP headers
> 1800 nor P2 All dalke at dalkescientific.com NEW  include comment about
> content-encoding
> Andrew
> dalke at dalkescientific.com
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