[DAS2] RE: [Fwd: Proposal for subcontract]

Helt,Gregg Gregg_Helt at affymetrix.com
Tue May 17 04:56:17 UTC 2005

The point person here at Affymetrix will be Katie Kong
(katherine_kong at affymetrix.com), who is the grant administrator here for
the current DAS/2 grant.  For those of you on the das2 mailing list
wondering, what we're talking about is submitting a proposal for
continuation of the DAS/2 grant.  The continuation would kick in
(hopefully) in June 2006 when the current DAS/2 grant is scheduled to
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Gregg (or Steve, or Lincoln) 
Who is the point person (grant administrator that is) 
at Affy that manages this? Or is the grant administered 
from CSH? We have to get moving on this here. I need 
to introduce our administrator to your administrator. 
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	Hello Suzanna, Nomi, & Sima, 
	Please provide a name.  An administrative person at the other
institution as a point of contact. 
	This is somewhat urgent.... you never know what data they will
ask for & we need sufficient time to do it 
	Thank you 
	Suzanna Lewis wrote: 
		Hi Rob, 
		Thanks for checking in. We are still planning are doing 
		this submission. What is the LBL deadline? I've cc-ed 
		a couple of other people who will be working with me 
		on this, and (importantly) have said that they could
		with getting you the material you need. I'll still be
		single point of contact (so your life is easier), but if
		are included on the exchanges they can be my Jiminy 
		Cricket's with getting the material. 
		On May 15, 2005, at 3:09 PM, Rob Quinlan wrote: 
			Have you had a chance to consider your grant
submission? I was told it is a subcontract that you are proposing. 
			This is a very busy time for proposals.... I
just want to follow up to ensure that you are included in a list we are
keeping to handle the excessive number of submissions. 
			Thank you 
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			Proposal for subcontract 
			Wed, 11 May 2005 15:30:27 -0700 
			Rob quinlan <rmquinlan at lbl.gov> 
			Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 
			SELewis at lbl.gov 
			Hi Dr. Lewis: 
			I have been assigned to assist you with your
June 15th proposal 
			(subcontract). The internal deadline for an NIH
subcontract would be 
			June 7th. 
			In oder to prepare for this, please provide me
with the name of the 
			other institution and a point of contact (an
administrative person 
			please). Given the excessive workload of this
department, it would be 
			great to get ahead of this - so an early reply
would be greatly appreciated 
			Thank you 
			Rob Quinlan 

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