[DAS2] imported data into bug tracker

Helt,Gregg Gregg_Helt at affymetrix.com
Thu May 12 17:07:25 UTC 2005

I'd also really like to keep bug tracking and feature requests for the
spec separate from the client and server implementations.  My main
reason for this is to emphasize that the spec is entirely independent of
the implementations.  Too many people I talk to are already confused
about the distinction.  

There should be one spec, but multiple implementations of DAS/2 clients
and servers, and not all from the grant collaborators.  To me that's an
indication that we've succeeded in the primary goal of the grant which
is coming up with an improved DAS/2 spec that is widely adopted by the
bioinformatics community.

The validation suite might be an exception to this distinction.  I doubt
that anyone else will reimplement this, and I think it's okay for it to
be more tightly associated with the spec.


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> Ed Erwin wrote:
> > Chervitz, Steve wrote:
> >> I thought it might be convenient to use this bugzilla as a
> shop for
> >> tracking all DAS/2 related bugs, including client, server, and
> validation
> >> suite.
> >
> > Please do NOT put IGB bugs in the DAS/2 bugzilla, even though it is
> > intended to become a DAS/2 client.  I already have to keep track of
> > bug-reporting repositories for IGB and I don't need a fourth one!
> I also believe it is best to not migrate existing bugs from the
> established
> client and server bug trackers into the open-bio bugzilla db.
> However, there's a decent chance that people will submit new bugs on
> open-bio bugzilla pertaining to anything related to DAS. Once people
> getting their hands wet with DAS/2, they may naturally gravitate to
> bugzilla.open-bio.org, since it is close to biodas.org (in internet
> A good solution might be to have a Bugs link on biodas.org pointing to
> page that describes where to go to submit/view bugs for various parts
> DAS/2 that are being developed by the grant:
>   * Bugs for the spec -> bugzilla.open-bio.org
>   * Bugs for the IGB client -> genoviz.sf.net (or where?)
>   * Bugs for the gmod server -> gmod.sf.net
>   * Bugs for the validation suite -> ??
> I can look into setting up this page.
> Steve
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