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Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Wed May 4 08:48:01 UTC 2005


Hi, we met at Hinxton last autumn I think. I've been doing more stuff on DAS2
with Lincoln and it may be that there are people who would like to do stuff on
DAS2. I've been working away on a replacement for xace/fmap which is called zmap
and would like it to use the DAS2 protocol. To this end I have someone called
Roy Storey (who is on vacation at the moment) in my group who may well be
interested in being part of a DAS2 hacking group. I'm copying him and also the
das2 mailing list on this.

As soon as Roy gets back I will talk to him about it.


On Wed, 20 Apr 2005, Suzanna Lewis wrote:

> (sorry for multiple postings, but please do forward to
> anyone else who you think might be interested)
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> Dear everyone,
> It has been a long time and we Bioinformatics devotees are overdue for
> another total-immersion coding-fest (the last hackathon was held in
> Singapore February 2003, more than two years ago).  Apple has offered
> to host us this year, and as an added bonus include free admission to
> the World-Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco the prior week.
> They are also looking for some people to present interesting new
> developments at the WWDC, so if you have something noteworthy please
> let us know. Apple is not attaching any strings, so our work need not
> address Apple-specific software or hardware areas. Apple will provide
> space and hardware (and access to their engineers if we'd like).
> Week 1 (June 6-10) would be spent at the WWDC. Week 2 (June 12-16)
> would be in Cupertino, at Apple's headquarters.  We're free to focus
> on what interests us, our tentative plans include:
>    1. Bio-ontologies software
>    2. High-performance computing (e.g. large scale computations,
> optimization)
>    3. Image analysis
>    4. Documentation
>    5. Anything else that may interest you
> Our plan is to organize this much as the Aspen Center for Physics
> computational biology workshops were organized (for those old enough to
> remember): A couple of presentations to start the day; collaboration
> and coding afterwards; time for a bit of fun (does anyone else
> cycle?), and discussions in the late afternoons and evenings.
> Would everyone who is interested in attending please send us a short
> description of what you would like to do, and perhaps other people who
> you would like to work with. There is somewhat limited space, so we
> will try to prioritize groups that have a clear focus and a need to
> interact. We now this is very short notice, but we hope that there
> will be enough interest to make it possible.
> We are looking into additional funding support, to pay for travel
> expenses, but this is still to be decided.
> Looking forward to hearing from everyone.
> George, Cyrus, Steve, and Suzanna (the Bay Area locals)
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