[DAS2] das docs updates...

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Apr 28 19:15:23 UTC 2005


while I've been over here with Lincoln working on the das2 write back spec I've
followed Andrews good example and have put some new template style files into
the repository. There are now 3 das2 spec files:


These files get munged by a process set up by Andrew via a makefile into the
actual spec docs:


There are a couple of points to note here if you decide to alter the files:

1) You will need to get hold trang and jing (easy to find/download on the web)

2) You will need to edit the Makefiles first couple of lines to point at where
you installed trang/jing on your system

3) You need to edit the files that are inputs, not the output files (!), e.g.
you should edit das2_put_template.html, _not_ das2_put.html !!

4) You should also be aware that trang/jing/python scripts used to make the
final spec docs are sensitive to bad html, you may find the html checking
program "tiny" helpful in finding problems (again easily found/downloaded on the

5) If you want to read the specs then read the final versions:


6) The output files are currently stored in cvs, this is probably a good idea in
fact otherwise we will all have to set up the environment to make them.

Please do make comments/corrections etc., I expect I will be adding more over
today and tomorrow but then its back off to "sunny" hinxton for acedb/zmap the

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