[DAS2] feature filter examples

Ed Erwin ed_erwin at affymetrix.com
Thu Apr 7 23:54:47 UTC 2005

What happened to the "+" symbol in "name=Dalke%252C+Andrew" ?

Was that supposed to be a URL-encoded space?  If so, is that your 
recommended way of encoding it (single-encoded vs. double-encoded) ?

Andrew Dalke wrote:
> One concern I have is the mix of two different levels of URL
> escaping.  Suppose I searched for the "name" "Dalke,Andrew"
> To make it fit in with at least Python's standard CGI GET
> query parser it would need to look like this:
>    name=Dalke%252C+Andrew
>  >>> import cgi
>  >>> cgi.parse_qs("name=Dalke%252CAndrew")
> {'name': ['Dalke%2CAndrew']}
>  >>>

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