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Andy Jenkinson andy.jenkinson at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Jun 4 21:47:08 UTC 2012

Hi there,

Firstly, the documentation you link to describes the structure of the INI file and ProServer in general, it's really a reference rather than an introduction. You may find a tutorial more useful, e.g.:

The default INI file does have some useful examples/documentation of the various parameters though.

I'll be away this week but I will do my best to give you more help next week if you need it.


On 4 Jun 2012, at 10:14, 陈岗 wrote:

> Hi All
> I'm an newbie on DAS, need your helps.
> I installed DAS code and get the welcome page from port 9000. But How to
> configure ProServer to cooperate with Ensembl mirror ?
> The introduction from
> http://proserver.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/proserver/trunk/doc/proserver_guide.html#implementing_transports
> is quite different from current INI file.
> Need yours help
> Thanks million
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