[DAS] DAS and bacterial genomes

Andy Jenkinson andy.jenkinson at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Aug 18 12:23:54 UTC 2010

>> I've brought in the three key people here on the EG side - Eugene (does the web
>> side of this); Dan (main data production manager) and Paul Kersey (the EG PI) -
>> some of them are on holiday now, but I suggest perhaps setting up a phone
>> conference (and/or Adam could you come for a visit?) to get this as straight as
>> we can - I suspect there will both be short term fixes and more longer term
>> infrastructural fixes here.
> I'm happy to help any way I can. I am registered on the Ensembl developers workshop next month so could chat to you guys then?
> thanks
> adam

I think this is sensible. I've been through this topic a few times with Eugene and I know it is not simple, but I would really like to see this resolved and I do have my own ideas of options to do it. I feel we need to get clear on what the issues are and formulate a plan, and it's much easier to do in person.

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