[DAS] Restricting the range of an alignment query.

Thomas Down thomas.a.down at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 20:50:42 UTC 2010

Just to follow up briefly, here's a somewhat usable example use of genome
alignment DAS. (NB, requires Firefox 3.6+ or recent-ish version of Safari or
Google Chrome).

         1. Go to http://www.biodalliance.org/human/GRCh37/

         2. Click on the "Add tracks" button (left hand end of the toolbar).

         3. Click over to the "NCBI36" tab.

         4. Select some datasources from the registry and click "Add".

Behind the scenes, your browser will be fetching relevant parts of the
NCBI36 vs. GRCh37 alignment via DAS, then using this to re-map features on
the fly.

(Currently the alignment-fetching depends on what I fear is a slightly
non-standard usage of the query= parameter.  But once we've got a good
alternative to that, we can do the whole process using pure DAS).


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