[DAS] querying for nonpositional annotations

Leyla Garcia ljgarcia at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Aug 2 08:50:51 UTC 2010

*Hi list,

*>No magic numbers.

*According to discussions on this matter, I will change MyDas behaviour so 0 will be no
"magic number" any more,

*>Types can be used for filtering, and actually you get more fine-grained control than simply positional or non-positional. (I use this technique now in DASher.) *
>In my opinion, the current spec as written is correct. That is, non-positional features don't just apply to the whole sequence, they apply to any part of the sequence.
>As an example, consider a journal reference --- a particular protein was isolated by a lab, they wrote a paper about it, and deposited the protein sequence in a database. If you look at a subsequence of the protein sequence, that subsequence still derives from the paper, right? So therefore the feature containing that journal reference should still be attached to the subsequence.
>On that basis, I think the uniprot server is technically doing it wrong and should be changed, although I have to say that in practice it hasn't been an issue for me.

*and non-positional features will be always returned.
Since UniProt is built upon MyDas, its behaviour will change as well.




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