Brian Gilman gilmanb at genome.wi.mit.edu
Tue May 20 22:26:12 EDT 2003

Hello Everyone,

    I'm very confused. Unless I've been living in a vacuum (which is very
likely) I'm pretty sure no one has posted a specification for a DAS2 server
other than the RFCs? Have these been enumerated in priority order etc? What
will DAS 2 offer over DAS 1.0?

    I ask this because we have a very stable DAS library built into OmniGene
that we have leveraged at the Whitehead for about 2 years now. Changing a
server to be DAS 2 compliant will break our API or not?

    Also, I'd really like to see what people have been implementing or at
least designing? Will DAS 2.0 incorporate SO? LSID? Like the nature paper
said? Where is all this at etc?

                    Thanks for your attention!


> Hi all
> When DAS2 comes out (when ?), any chance of thinking about putting in the
> DAS2 code base, a Perl example of a fully compliant small DAS2 server
> running off a GFF flatfile? This makes it easy for people to modify it to
> their specific environment or use it as is. JIMO
> Thanks for your consideration
> Foo
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