[DAS] relocating the DAS website and mailing list servers

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Mon May 12 17:50:12 EDT 2003

Hi folks,

Can one of the DAS project leads drop me a line? We want to retire the 
current biodas.org (our ancient AlphaServer running linux) and start 
moving O|B|F project websites and mailing lists to a new server platform.

We are doing this one project at a time. BioPython has already moved and 
the transition was very easy and quick. Nobody really noticed the 

 From looking at the DAS pages it looks as though this project will be 
easy to move -- a single mailing list plus a website that is mostly 
static HTML with the exception of possibly a cronjob that builds the 
weekly snapshot distribution files.

I need to check in with a DAS leader before doing anything just to make 
sure I'm not missing some vital componant (like a wiki or some other 
dynamic HTML setup)  of your web/email sites that needs to be pre-staged 
on the new server.


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