[DAS] Adding snp track using DAS

Thomas Down thomas at derkholm.net
Fri May 2 15:45:47 EDT 2003

Once upon a time, Marie Vivian Wong Tzu Yenn wrote:
> Hi there,
> I've got a local DAS server running using Ensembl Viewer as the 
> client. It works with the test db set out in the install manual.
> I would now like to add a SNP track but am not sure which jclass 
> to use and also what the db schema should look like for snp data 
> (would it be the refsnp table that I have to populate or something else?)

Are you trying to serve SNPs from an ensembl-format SNP
database?  There is some code to do this, based on the
RefSNP and Hit tables of an ensembl database, in the
ensembl-das jar.  It hasn't been used for a while, though,
and I think the schema has changed slightly in the mean
time.  But if this is the sort of thing you're looking for,
it should be easy to fix the existing code.


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