[DAS] Displaying protein sequences and features

Tony Cox avc at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Apr 22 17:15:17 EDT 2003

On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, Kris Boulez wrote:

Funny you should ask this... I just set up a protein DAS server at Ensembl so
that we can use DAS to layer anotations on our protein displays.

I dragged the whole of Interpro into an LDAS schema. Not all domains have been
included. Domains without start/ed info or where status != "True" or "N" have
been excluded.

There are:

    730255 reference swissprot sequences
   3343535 domain annotations

It's a bit rough but it seems to run OK although I can't be sure that all of
the DAS commands will work properly since it is rather DNA-centric by design and
there is no assembly as such, so only the "features" request is probably of any

You can get to it from:





<GFF version="1.01"
<SEGMENT id="BMAL_HUMAN" start="1" stop="583" version="1.0">
      <TYPE id="Component:Protein"
      <METHOD id="Component">Component</METHOD>
      <GROUP id="BMAL_HUMAN" />
   <FEATURE id="PF00010" label="PF00010">
      <TYPE id="PFAM:Basic helix-loop-helix dimeriz"
category="miscellaneous">PFAM:Basic helix-loop-helix dimeriz</TYPE>
      <GROUP id="PF00010" />



+>[ I might make a complete fool of myself by asking the following, but
+>  anyway ]
+>We want to visualize a (set of) protein sequence(s), together with the
+>features (public together with private ones). The way DAS
+>clients/servers display stuff is what we also have in mind.
+>Some questions:
+>- How (genomic)DNA based is the concept of DAS ?
+>- How much arm-twisting would need to be done to use protein sequences
+>  as the base display ?
+>- Is there another technology/program better suited to do these displays ?
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