[DAS] Fugu and mouse das servers

Lincoln Stein lstein@cshl.org
Thu, 27 Dec 2001 14:14:47 -0500

What I've seen on WormBase is that the "stable" coordinate systems that 
people want to use are either:

	1) chromosomal coordinates
	2) coordinates based on gene predictions

Just goes to show...


On Saturday 22 December 2001 06:21, Ewan Birney wrote:
> One of the things to be aware of for both the mouse and fugu (potential)
> servers is that the "clone" coordinate system will be non-existant or
> useless as between assemblies we will be throwing away all our
> identifiers. This means that effectively the "most stable unit" is the
> chromosome coordinates.
> As organsims enter a finishing phase with asynchronous updates around
> finishing units so the more "clone leve" (or rather "finishing unit
> level") identifier system becomes useful.
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