[DAS] Help setting up LDAS

Benjamin L. King blk@informatics.jax.org
Fri, 7 Dec 2001 11:49:58 -0500 (EST)


I'm in the process of setting up a LDAS server and need some help with
its configuration on the web side of things.

I've been following the LDAS installation instructions and am trying to
test it using test data from the distribution.  I've got all the
required products running and tested (as far as I can tell).  The
following 'dsn' query does not show my test database, named 'dicty'.
Instead it returns information about the other DAS servers (C.Elegans and
the test.org DAS server).


Here's the results of the query:

Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 16:49:03 GMT
 Server: Apache/1.3.22 (Unix)
 x-das-status: 200 OK
 x-das-version: DAS/1.00
 Connection: close
 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1

 <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
 <!DOCTYPE DASDSN SYSTEM "http://www.biodas.org/dtd/dasdsn.dtd">
       <SOURCE id="elegans">elegans</SOURCE>
       <DESCRIPTION>C. elegans annotations on chromosome I &
       <SOURCE id="test">test</SOURCE>
       <DESCRIPTION>Test annotations</DESCRIPTION>

I have a dicty.conf file (copied from test.conf in the LDasServer 1.0
distribution).  It's DATASOURCE parameters are:

description = Test annotations
adaptor     = dbi::mysqlopt
mapmaster   = http://crick.informatics.jax.org:8080/cgi-bin/das/dicty
database    = dicty
fasta_files =
user        = nobody
passwd      = xxxxxxx   (I x'ed this out on purpose)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Since my 'dicty' database was loaded only with the test data, can it
server as a reference server (mapmaster parameter)?  Is there some other
test reference server that I could use instead?

Thank you,

- Ben

Benjamin L. King
Mouse Genome Informatics
The Jackson Laboratory
Bar Harbor, ME  04609  USA