[DAS] Getting users

jfreeman jfreeman@variagenics.com
Tue, 04 Dec 2001 11:29:13 -0500

Hi Hong,

Thank you very much and congratulations!  I tried the same path, but
went off of it as soon as the Ldas server was available, given my
greater experience with perl and my great love for:

perl Makefile.PL
make install

To be fair, ant may have its equivalent (why make a new make? I don't

Also I found that Ensembl 1.1.3's strange httpd.conf and the install of
an Ldas server on the same machine was not compatible, on its own
machine Ldas installs quickly and well (at least for me), now I am
working on the next version of ensembl and fixing the contigview error
you've seen, which exists an Ldas server as well, resolved with the new

Thanks again,

Jim Freeman
Senior Scientist
Variagenics, Inc.

hxu wrote:
> Hi, Jim,
> I installed local DAS annotation and reference servers for Ensembl 1.1.3.
> I'm still testing them for Ensembl 1.2. Here is document I wrote after I
> installed them for Ensembl 1.1.3. It has a troubleshooting section, which
> will be helpful. I mailed this file to ensembl-dev, it was filtered out :-(.
> See the attached file.
> cheers,
> Hong Xu
> hxu@chg.mc.duke.edu
> Center for Human Genetics
> Duke University Medical Center
> http://www.chg.duke.edu/
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                       Name: Guide Installing DAS Server.doc
>    Guide Installing DAS Server.doc    Type: Microsoft Word Document (application/msword)
>                                   Encoding: base64