[BioRuby] Removal of Bio::SOAPWSDL, Bio::EBI::SOAP, Bio::HGC::HiGet

Naohisa GOTO ngoto at gen-info.osaka-u.ac.jp
Mon Jun 29 16:17:28 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I now give up maintaining Bio::SOAPWSDL and all SOAP client classes
in BioRuby, because SOAP4R (SOAP/WSDL library in Ruby) is no longer
bundled with Ruby since Ruby 1.9 and I think all currently available
gems of SOAP4R are not well-maintained. So, I feel difficulty to
maintain SOAP/WSDL clients in BioRuby. Moreover, many SOAP servers
have been retired, including old versions of KEGG API and DDBJ WABI.

Removed components:
* Bio::SOAPWSDL (lib/bio/io/soapwsdl.rb)
* Bio::EBI::SOAP (lib/bio/io/ebisoap.rb)
* Bio::HGC::HiGet (lib/bio/io/higet.rb)
* Bio::Shell#ebisoap (lib/bio/shell/plugin/soap.rb)

In addition to the above reasons, Bio::HGC::HiGet is removed because
the HiGet web server http://higet.hgc.jp/ have been down since 2011,
and I think that the server will not be restored again.

Naohisa Goto
ngoto at gen-ingo.osaka-u.ac.jp / ng at bioruby.org

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