[BioRuby] Can I get more information on BioRuby

dave thorneycroft dthorneycroft at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 19:30:42 UTC 2013


I am a novice Ruby programmer, ex-biologist and experienced developer in
other languages (sorry Adobe Flex), but I have seen the light and  I want
to contribute to BioRuby.  I am looking through the BioRuby source code and
find somethings confusing (of course I'm a novice !).  Could anyone point
me in the direction of any tutorials which wil help me get a better
understanding of the code,  I've seen the stuff on BioRuby.org.  Anything
that would explain  but how its structured and coded not how to use it to
solve a problem.

A couple of things are really puzzling me right now.

Number one, please don't laugh , where is the NCBIDB class located in the
source (I see the GenBank class inherits NCBIDB ; but I cannot find the
class source ?). NCBIDB is a class right ?
Number two, could anyone explain how the Bio::FlatFile 'automagically'
recognizes each database class?

Any pointers would be great.  Many thanks for your time, I really
appreciate any comments.


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