[BioRuby] Guidelines for writing bioruby plugins

George Githinji georgkam at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 18:21:29 UTC 2010

Hi Bioruby developers,

I have heard of bioruby plugins and also seen two such plugins from github
http://github.com/pjotrp/bioruby-gff3-plugin and

1. Is  the plugin system supposed to open development methods? (helios
uses unit testing while pjotrp uses r-spec for testing)
2. Will the core developers concentrate on making bioruby core more stable?
3. What constitutes Bioruby core?
4. Are there plugin development guidelines?
5. How is the plugin system supposed to work?

More practically I have created a library for calculating the
isoelectric point of a protein using Ruby
Using shoulda as the testing framework. I would like to turn it to a
bioruby plugin while adhering to a 'bioruby plugin development
standard' if it exists.

Please advise

Thank you

KEMRI/Wellcome-Trust Research Program
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