[BioRuby] [GSoC][NeXML and RDF API] RDF API

Anurag Priyam anurag08priyam at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 17:47:54 UTC 2010

> So the first thing to do is to write the Specs for such a system. The
> current Specs are merely object invocations for RDF itself.
> So what I would like to see is Specs that do something real. Rather
> than the example.org URI, use something that is meaningful. Write
> Specs for using real BioRuby classes and/or NeXML classes.
Pjotr, have a look at spec/rdf/graph.rb. It should look more meaningful now.
However specs for graph does not answer how the rdf api is to be integrated
with the rest of BioRuby; more on that in my next mail.

> Others, Raoul for one, have ideas too for RDF too. So the Specs will
> help out with ideas.

I am interested in working with Raoul at his SPARQL project.

Anurag Priyam,
3rd Year Undergraduate,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
IIT Kharagpur.

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