[BioRuby] [GSoC][NeXML and RDF API] RDF API

Anurag Priyam anurag08priyam at gmail.com
Sat Jul 17 06:54:15 UTC 2010

> To start with I have put the specs in bioruby/spec directory. I took the
> liberty of adding a rake task to execute all the specs. Most of the specs
> will fail as of now and some are pending. "rake spec SPEC_OPTS="--format
> nested" " should be good to get a rough overview of the specs.

I added SPEC_OPTS="--format nested" as the default option in the specs rake
task. So 'rake spec' should be good now. However the 'format' option can be
overridden on the command line, if anyone prefers 'specdoc'.

Anurag Priyam,
2nd Year Undergraduate,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
IIT Kharagpur.

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