[BioRuby] KEGG API

遠藤大二 daijiendoh at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 11:41:57 UTC 2010

Dear All

I have a question about KEGG API on BioRuby.
When I use "type" method, "deprecated" message was returned.
While, the method "type" is still working, refer to KEGG manual.

## Script I used is below

relations = get_element_relations_by_
relations.each do |rel|
  puts rel.element_id1
   puts rel.element_id2
   puts rel.type
   rel.subtypes.each do |sub|
     puts sub.element_id
     puts sub.relation
     puts sub.type

Result for sub.type => "sub.type was deprecated use class"

How can I receive type property in the class
"get_element_relations_by_pathway" ?

With best wishes,

Daiji Endoh

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