[BioRuby] Plugins, Biogem and Christmas 2010

Raoul Bonnal bonnalraoul at ingm.it
Fri Dec 24 11:08:04 UTC 2010

Hello guys,
BioRuby plugin system was firstly announced at [BOSC 2010] and will be implemented by the Christmas 2010. Hopefully. :) -- Yes, we made it! Check out the BiogemInstallation and BiogemDevelopment sections.

This is our present for  you, today is December 24th, 2010.

BioGem helps Bioinformaticians start developing plugins/modules for BioRuby creating a scaffold/template and a gem package.

We are very happy to release it officially to all our community, as promised. Thanks to everyone for the support and the effort.

You can follow the project here https://github.com/helios/bioruby-gem

Start using it ?

gem install bio-gem


Happy Christmas from BioRuby Developer Team


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