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Raoul Bonnal bonnalraoul at ingm.it
Tue Dec 21 15:44:03 UTC 2010

Hello Guys,
something that has not been mentioned during the conference is the possibility to create meta plugins/gems specific for a particular field or release.
Pjotr had the original idea because he was worried about compatibility between the plugins and the difference releases of bioruby.
He invented the term blessed and we are thinking to mark as blessed the most important plugins, "certified" for working with a specific version of bioruby.

Probably use have already discussed this but it's also possible to create meta packages for NGS, for workflows, for imaging, for parallel  computation, for JVM (some plugin installable only if a JVM in available)

I think that these meta packages, at least at the beginning will be supervised by core developers, just to start and organize them but in the future other people could takeover them.

Another important thing is to avoid the proliferation of namespaces,  try to look at the core bioruby and find if the your namespace fits in some place, then  it would be more easy for the people find the code, classes and modules logically.

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Helius : irc
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On 21/dic/2010, at 12.38, benjamin Almeida wrote:

> Hi all,
> thanks for the log, I couldn't make it, but I'll try thursday
> as of workflows I kind a like wrapping things in objects and just ask my way
> through delegate dependencies, but I would join forces on a nice workflow
> tool in ruby.
> galaxy is used here (Vienna) too
> ben
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