[BioRuby] SciRuby (The first BioRuby IRC conference on Dec 19th)

Raoul Bonnal bonnalraoul at ingm.it
Thu Dec 16 17:20:53 UTC 2010

Hi Claudio, 
I like your work on statsample.

As others pointed out iterators are the keys so probably we need to invest some time in designg.

Could we organize this math/stat package like a plugin for bioruby, what do you think?

Then about graphics attaching the visualization concept to some object would be great not only static but also for HTML5

+1 for all these topis from me.

Rserve can be used efficiently for parallelization, it's ability to have session and user authentication.

Distributed Programming with Ruby it's a must.


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Rubyvis fellows:
  I'm Claudio, developer of statsample, rubyvis and rserve-client for
  ruby. I will be very happy if I can help in any way in bioruby
  Statsample: I'll start a Master on Statistics next year, so the
  library will be actively developed. I'm very interested in
  implementation of iterator based datasets, to allow statsample process
  big datasets.
  Rubyvis: I will finish port of all Layout on January, I think. What
  about creating a builder for rubyvis to create protovis scripts using
  the same set of instructions to create static images?. We can have out
  cake and eat it :)
  Claudio Bustos
  Mg. en Psicología
  clbustos at gmail.com

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