[BioRuby] FlyBase/Chado

John O. Woods john.woods at marcottelab.org
Tue Jul 7 22:20:27 UTC 2009

A few months back I wrote some Perl scripts to extract some data from
FlyBase's Chado DB. Then I discovered Ruby. Fast-forward to now, and I'm
working on a Rails app that will index certain kinds of data (gene-phenotype
linkages, mostly). I would want it to download the data from FlyBase's
postgresql database and stick it in my local MySQL db.
Is there a BioRuby module written for Chado or perhaps even for FlyBase?

If not, where would I start if I wanted to write one? I'm a bit of a
ruby-newbie, but I'd like to contribute something if possible.

Am I better off just using my Perl-generated flat-files?

I did look through the rdoc stuff on the website, but couldn't find anything
about Chado.

The University of Texas at Austin

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