[BioRuby] Post Hackathon tasks

Christian M Zmasek czmasek at burnham.org
Wed Feb 20 16:05:51 UTC 2008

Same here.
As I mentioned, I would be interested in seeing a feature request list 
from/for BioRuby users.


Alex Gutteridge wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
> I may have missed it in my XML/SOAP/MOBY haze, but was there any 
> attempt to collate a to-do list for Bioruby during the hackathon? I 
> have some time to spare but I'd like to know a) what's most important 
> to work on and b) that no-one else is working on exactly the same thing.
> If nothing else I will move over the old (but still accurate I think) 
> Bio::PDB documentation to the new wiki and add a section on that to 
> the tutorial page.
> AlexG
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