[BioRuby] BLAST hit, which strand

Marc Hoeppner marc.hoeppner at molbio.su.se
Thu Apr 24 12:08:00 UTC 2008


I have a question concerning BLAST::RESULT objects in BioRuby.
I followed the tutorial and available documentation to integrate blast 
into my application, but I noticed that pretty much everything is 
returned from BLAST except the strand a particular hit or hsp was 
identified on.
It is available for objects of the class 
Bio::Blast::Default::Report::HSP (according to the API documentation 
anyway) - but what I get back when I run BLAST according to the tutorial 
is an object of the class Bio::Blast::Report::HSP - which does not 
return the 'hit_strand'.

Is it me, am I missing something or is this a problem with BioRuby?



Marc P. Hoeppner
PhD student
Department of Molecular Biology and Functional Genomics
Stockholm University, 10691 Stockholm, Sweden

marc.hoeppner at molbio.su.se
Tel: +46 (0)8 - 164195

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