[BioRuby] RDoc examples

Toshiaki Katayama ktym at hgc.jp
Tue Apr 10 07:49:57 UTC 2007


Thank you for the excellent page!

However, I would like to see real world examples so that we can
discuss how our RDoc template in the README.DEV file should be changed.

I've put the latest RDoc docs generated from the recent CVS version at


but I can't find any difference regardless of the various format
in your restriction_enzyme/**/*.rb modules which I pointed out
in the following post.


I just want to know which is the best practice.


On 2007/04/09, at 4:36, Trevor Wennblom wrote:

> I've assembled a list of examples of how RDoc comment blocks work  
> (and don't work):
>    http://ninecoldwinters.com/ferro/rdoc-comment-block-examples/
> Be warned, it uses a frame here and there.  This has a lot of good  
> instances of things that we do wrong which we can work to correct.
> Most of the things in there should be self-explanatory.  I'm going to  
> wait a few days for people to make comments, after that we can start  
> working on adding details to our formal specs for exactly how we  
> should address these issues.
> We really don't need to wait to make everything perfect for BioRuby  
> 1.1 as far as the RDoc goes.  Let's just get it out the door and then  
> we'll put together a close follow-up release following a nice regular  
> release schedule.
> Trevor
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