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Angel Pizarro angel at mail.med.upenn.edu
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Trac is indeed a great system and project, but is not a system that is
host-able by RubyForge. RubyForge, based on GForge, will only run plain HTML
or PHP sites (maybe not even that) not a python web app, which is what Trac


On 4/9/07, Sohel Merchant <s-merchant at northwestern.edu> wrote:
> Hey Trevor,
>   Thanks for working on the subversion repository. I am wondering how the
> Rails Trac system works compared with RubyForge. Did you guys already
> decide
> on moving the project out of RubyForge? I briefly looked at the rails trac
> system and it looks great to me. I vote for the Rails Trac.
> Cheers,
> Sohel.
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> Excellent, thanks for speaking up everyone.  Looks like I'll push
> forward on migrating the history.
> Onto the next topic - tickets, bugs, requests, and milestones.  I'm
> interested in having a Trac instance for BioRuby.  I'm not interested
> in using the Trac wiki system, but the management of bugs and
> milestones and such is pretty good.  Seems to work pretty well for
> Rails.[1]
> Opinions?
> Trevor
> [1]: http://dev.rubyonrails.org/
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