[BioRuby] ARBioSQL

Toshiaki Katayama ktym at hgc.jp
Fri Apr 6 11:50:58 UTC 2007

Hi Raoul,

On 2007/04/06, at 19:40, RJP wrote:
>> I proposed 'bioruby-annex' as the project name as the 'bioruby-rails-plugins'
>> is too long (rubyforge's limit is 15 chars).  Nakao-san, is your project
>> already granted?
> What do you mean for "granted", founds ?

Sorry, my English might be wrong.
To have project on RubyForge, you need to apply a form for the new project,
and I just wonder the process is already finished or not yet.

>> We need to consider how to incorporate rails dependent codes in bioruby
>> in the near future.
> May you explain better your point,tnx ?

Currently, require 'bio' doesn't have any dependency on rails (activerecord etc.).
I think it is better to have codes dependent on rails separately from bioruby library for now.
And for this purpose, the above repository will be prepared at rubyforge.

However, as the number of modules dependent on RDB increases (they should utilize ActiveRecord),
we will consider to make rails as a requirement for the bioruby library in the future.

> ------------------------------THE~CODE--------------------------------------
> #
> # bio/io/arbsql.rb - BioSQL access module by Active Record

Thank you for the code.
Will it be distributed under the same terms as Ruby?


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