[BioRuby] Subversion (Fwd: [Root-l] [Open-bio Board] OBF services)

Trevor Wennblom trevor at corevx.com
Wed Apr 4 18:33:10 UTC 2007

On Apr 3, 2007, at 3:30 PM, Toshiaki Katayama wrote:

> Just for notice, I'm not sure when it will happen but Trevor and O| 
> B|F staffs are now working on migration of the BioRuby code base to  
> subversion.

This is for everyone, so chime in - I would recommend waiting until  
BioRuby v1.1 is released to make the switch.  At that point do a  
clean checkout of CVS and a commit to SVN.  We would lose all  
previous change history which could be viewed as a positive or a  
negative.  I like the idea of a clean break to the new repository  
since we wouldn't have to bring along any potential "cruft" from the  
CVS repository and we could start fresh.

Not to mention it would be monumentally easier.  ;)

If this sounds like a good plan I'll start coordinating with Chris D.

> I failed to install svn on my MacBook with DarwinPorts. Does anyone  
> know how to solve this?

Personally I prefer to compile it from source - it's typically a  
rather painless process.  (./configure; make; sudo make install - you  
get the idea)

Alternatively you could try downloading a prepackaged binary, I found  
one here:


Direct link:


Don't forget to add /usr/local/bin to your path as well, something  
along the lines of:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin

I haven't had a chance to answer one of your earlier questions, but  
yes I believe Subversion is included in the next version of OS X.


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