[BioRuby] Bio::Ensembl#exportview => timeout when behind proxy server

jan aerts (RI) jan.aerts at bbsrc.ac.uk
Wed Apr 26 09:20:01 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I'm testing out the Bio::Ensembl file, and seem to bump into a wall that
becomes pretty well-known to me: I'm behind a proxy server. When I try
to run the code
I get a timeout on the line in bio/io/ensembl.rb containing

Apparently, there is no option yet in the Bio::Ensembl::Base::Client
class to give a proxy-server and proxy-address yet. Or if there _is_,
it's not clear to me how to set these two arguments.
I don't know if open-uri would be a solution to this, or not.

Any help much appreciated.

Jan Aerts, PhD
Bioinformatics Group
Roslin Institute
Roslin, Scotland, UK
+44 131 527 4200

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